NJ Dance Academy is a competitive technique based studio located in the heart of Metuchen.  

Award winning Perfomance Team

No costume fees

Non-Recital instead we offer a Winter & Spring Voluntary Showcase

Award winning Choreograher/Instructors

Meet Our Directors

Adrian created NJ Dance Academy to provide our students with the tools and guidance to thrive in the Dance Community.  We have made it our mission to give children the opportunity to dance locally while opening up doors to many professional contacts.  We focus on technique which is why we choose to showcase our progress throughout the school year instead of recitals.

Dawn is our Artistic Director. She has her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts in Dance from Montclair State University and has been instructing dance for over 20 years.  Dawn is well known for her Award Winning Choreography in both Ballet & Modern Dance. Dawn has taught and mentored many students who have become successful professionals in the dance industry.

Adrian is our Studio Director.  She has a background in gymnastics, previously working with GE Healthcare for 15 years, she has a strong background in business.  Adrian runs the special events, intensive scheduling & competitions. 

Together Adrian & Dawn encourage NJDA Students to learn, love and express themselves through dance!

NJ Dance Academy 

476 Main St 

Metuchen NJ